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Hi, I am Night Shift, the main builder, architect and founder of MCC Crafting,
I had never played Minecraft before until it was released on the PS3 late in 2013. However my kids played the game on a regular basis and wanted the Playstation version to play along with their P.C versions. Once this game was on our Playstation's I could not leave it alone!
I have a very creative nature but had not found a suitable method for letting my creative juices flow for many years before MCPS3 Edition.
For me Minecraft allows my creative juices to flow in many ways and in all honesty it has become very addictive! I am not the greatest player of the game in survival, I am actually pretty poor at the game, so this is why I stick to what I am good at and that's building!
But I cannot take all the credit for our builds they wouldn't be possible without the help of the rest of the team, big thanks go to all 3 helpers that fill in all the boring endless walls, paths and any repetitive patterns and special thanks to our new red-stone consultant and engineer that has now made it possible for our worlds to have moving additions, functions and details.
Name: Night Shift
Location: London/Essex England, United Kingdom
Occupation: Landscaper
Minecraft Arch Enemy: Angry Santa
Strengths: Highly active and creative mind, Drive to succeed!
Foils: Un-organised and Insomnia.
DOB: 22/10/1981
Height: 5"8'
Children: 3
Favourite Video Games: Minecraft, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, Need For Speed, Sim City.
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