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MCC Crafting

Welcome to MCC Crafting, Minecraft Console Crafting.
My name is Night Shift, founder of MCC Crafting, I develop Minecraft worlds with 2 occasional helpers and on hand if I need it a Redstone engineer.
I develop Minecraft worlds on PS3 so that they can then be converted to any other format. I convert my complete worlds from PS3 to PS4, Xbox and Windows P.C & MAC
I am a Landscaper by trade in the real world and try to bring this into Minecraft.
I see Minecraft as an art format and develop my worlds like a piece of art work.
I do everything from building the worlds and producing the videos to writing the website code, Everything I know regarding Building worlds, videos youtube channels and websites I have taught myself. Please keep this project alive by visiting my Youtube cannel and hitting Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe on my videos…. If you really want to support the development of my worlds you can make a small or large donation at the bottom of the website.
Thanks to all for your support in what ever way you do it and enjoy checking out my worlds and downloading them.
Happy Building.


MCC Crafting 3rd Place Winners of "Skippy 6 Gaming" Top 5 world reviews"

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